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WINK - Gaetan Bloom (SM3)

WINK - Gaetan Bloom (SM3)

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The magician shuffles a pack of cards and places two packets into the "Hypno-Paddle" (see graphic). He asks a spectator to cover one eye and stare at the eye on the paddle with his other eye. The magician begins moving cards from one packet to the other until the spectator tells him to stop. The magician removes this completely free choice from the paddle and tables the card. The spectator selects three more cards this same way and when they're later revealed, the cards are the four aces!

Gaetan Bloom's Wink is a new, fun and baffling way to force one or any number of cards for any of your favorite routines.

Quick video of Kevin James performing this HERE

Comes with the special paddle and illustrated instructions, uses any deck of cards.

LIKE NEW, prop and instructions

NOTE from Don: If you are familiar with the old Atta-Boy prop, this works similarly, but held in your hands.

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