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Don's Summer Performing Schedule

As we all move into Summer, please know that my performing schedule gets busy, and there may be a delay in getting some orders sent out.

I will still do my best to get orders sent within 24 hours, however, there are times when I will be gone for up to 4 days at a time. My lovely wife has promised to help fill orders as quickly as possible. She's really awesome.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued business.


Now In Stock

Now In Stock.

Getting Magic Collections

Until they're gone DISCOUNT

I sell mostly USED Books & Props

Almost everything you purchase from Don's Magic & Books is USED,
and may contain underlining, writing inside, former owner's names
and nameplates, pasted photos inside front cover,
and general wear & tear on dust jackets.

I DO NOT sell "Collectible Value" books.
Almost all of these are USED, in a USED condition, but complete, unless stated otherwise.

For collectible books contact: Potter & Potter Auctions or Quicker Than The Eye.

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Currently, one of my favorite places to buy books is Dons Magic & Books. Since January 1st of this year I have purchased 37 books from there. I check this site out regularly.

Richard O

I enjoyed working with you today.  For your part, put a feather in your cap for exceptional customer service.   It's always a magical experience shopping at your store.

R. Foster

I appreciate your vast book inventory, the zoomable catalog photos and your photographic order lists/packing lists.  

I am glad to have discovered your website.

Richard K

Both recent orders have arrived. Thank you for taking the time to pack this last one extra well -- the books were all for my own personal library, and so I really appreciate the care and extra padding on them to keep them in great condition.

Rod M

Thank you so much. You always go to extra lengths to satisfy your customers.

J. Nelson

Just discovered your website. It is very well organized. I love that when showing books you show the table of contents as well as a sample of the book! I look forward to shopping more with you.

Jeff C.

I was indeed impressed with your shipping/ packaging!  It’s so nice to see care taken to get a book sent through the mail.

Frank L.

Thanks for your wonderful customer service. You don't find good service like yours very often anymore.

Gerald M.

You’ve created a special place to shop. It  always gives me a magical experience.

Rob F.

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Hidden Gems #2: The Letter "B"

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Hidden Gem Booklets - Edition #1

Magic booklets have some of the best magic "hidden" in them.
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Another Great Magic CORNvention for Don's Magic & Books

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