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Whodunit Math Puzzles - Bill Wise

Whodunit Math Puzzles - Bill Wise

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Help! A series of outrageous crimes must be solved--and only someone with superior math and logic skills can do it. That means you, right? Count on an exciting time when you join law enforcement's finest--Midville Police Chief Arthur Smart and 12-year-old junior detective Cal Q. Leiter--as they uncover scam artists, catch vandals, nab hit-and-run drivers, and unravel many more mysteries. Just remember: numbers are the key to unlocking the answers!

· How much money did Gertrude Gessler leave in her will to divide among her four nephews?
· What tricks did the carnival vendor use to cheat the Chief's cousin in a game of luck?
· Who vandalized the Mayor's office while she was away--and how can you prove it with arithmetic?

What are the odds you can figure these out? Pretty good--if you read carefully and think hard, the facts all add up.

NEW, paperback, 96 pages

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