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Sleightly Absurd - Charlie Frye

Sleightly Absurd - Charlie Frye

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Sleightly Absurd is a journey through the mind of a mastermind—Charlie Frye. Within its pages, you'll find a slew of hard won secrets he has developed, refined, and performed over some four decades on six continents, as a professional entertainer on stages the world over.

It is filled, nearly to overflowing, with bewildering, bemusing musings and miracles that—until now—have been the guarded brainchildren of this perplexing practitioner of the dark arts.

Now you, dear reader, can gain a backstage view explaining the ins, outs, and inside outs of over fifty fantastic feats, each mined from the mind of this peerless prestidigitator.

Among the high class conjuring conceits explained are tricks with coins and cards—of both ordinary and extraordinary sizes—including a lengthy and advanced treatise on the elusive “ACAAN”; parlor and stage effects; three versions of the “oldest trick in the book”; Frye’s trademark Eccentricks (cartoon-illustrated gags, tricks, and stunts); mind reading miracles; close-up dodges with dice; and more.

The work is rounded out with an uproariously funny memoir and a series of thought-provoking essays on character development, practice, and other practical matters for the modern mystery entertainer, and all others who take their art more seriously than themselves.

A book like no other—because there is no other!

No expense spared in its production!

A colossal colossus of conjuring and chicanery, from the one and only Charlie Frye!

Verily his equal does not exist!

NEW, Hardcover, 298 pages

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