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Time Deck (Retro Edition) - Secret Factory (SM1)

Time Deck (Retro Edition) - Secret Factory (SM1)

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Time (Retro) marked deck is the 5th deck from the very limited TIME Playing Cards Set.

They are extremely beautiful, that can be displayed on your shelf.

For the Retro edition, the face of the cards have no corner index - This is what the face of playing cards looked like hundreds years ago!

The marking systems are totally different from any other playing cards on the market. You can immediately identify ANY card by just a glance, easy to read and hard to detect.

NOTE from Don: Yes, these are marked, but will require a close look to spot the mark, as the entire card must be scanned to see where the mark is, indicating which card it is.  They are beautiful, both front and back, but don't count on the markings as the reason to purchase them.

BRAND NEW. Comes is black card box (not shown)

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