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The World's Smallest Magic Kit - Don Bursell (SM4)

The World's Smallest Magic Kit - Don Bursell (SM4)

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Here's the story from Don:

Quite a few years ago, I read about "20 Tricks In A Matchbox" in Rae Hammond's book, "The Magic Of Edward Victor's Hands," and was inspired by the uniqueness of it.

I spent about 9 months figuring out which tricks I could compile, all of which would fit in a small matchbox.  I named it "The World's Smallest Magic Kit."  Within 2 weeks, I discovered that Wittus Witt has created one by the same name, years earlier, and released it only to his close friends.  I contacted Wittus, asking his permission to use the name, and he granted it to me.

So, I began to assemble all of the parts, and released about 15 years ago, for a short time at magic & clown conventions.

And now, I have found 14 of "The World's Smallest Magic Kits."

The World's Smallest Magic Kit includes DVD instructions, a durable PLASTIC Matchbox, 2 Rubber Bands, 2 Paperclips, 6 Plastic Coins, 1 Nylon Cord, 2 Regular Dice, 1 Tiny Die, 15 Plastic (non-burnable) matchsticks, and 3 Miniature Playing Cards.

So, what tricks can you do with the props contained inside?  Here's a list:

  1. The French Drop
  2. 3 Card Monte
  3. 15 Match Game
  4. D.U.D. Match Game
  5. Electrified Match
  6. Match Through Match
  7. Match Grab Challenge
  8. Piano Trick
  9. Thieves & Chickens
  10. Cord Through Pencil
  11. Dice Force (under box)
  12. Pickpocket Coins
  13. Shrinking Dice
  14. Dice Force 7 (2 routines)
  15. Dice Force in Matchbox
  16. Linking Paperclips
  17. Coin Cross Puzzle
  18. Dexterity Lift
  19. Mixed Up Moose
  20. Dorothy's House
  21. Coin In Glass
  22. Indecisive Fish
  23. 6 plus 5 equals 9?

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