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The Secrets of So Sato - Richard Kaufman

The Secrets of So Sato - Richard Kaufman

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So Sato is the amazing card man whose books published in Japan sold out almost immediately. He has somehow remained a complete mystery to those in the west. So Sato is reluctantly explaining 35 of his most devious creations with playing cards in his first English book... his secrets are out! A remarkable mix of difficult sleight of hand and self-working routines in one book that will devastate any audience.

  • Magic Slap
  • Shrink Vanish
  • Reverse Highlight
  • The Turnover Half Pass
  • Another "All Backs"
  • Bath Towel Mentalism
  • Lucky Number Poker
  • Lateral Thinking Assembly
  • Mote-Monte
  • Three to One
  • So-Lution 1
  • So-Lution 2
  • The Professor Still Fools Us
  • You Can Count on Dr. Daley
  • Love a Dove Dove
  • Yin Yang Divide
  • Warp Wrap
  • Bushfire Triumph
  • Mass Destruction Stacking
  • Poker Demon-Stration
  • Poker Demon-Stration Plus
  • Quartet Shuffle
  • Destroy and Search
  • Kyoto "Okiniiri" Prediction
  • Blue Print
  • Zen Derby
  • Mimic Show
  • Amnesia
  • Amnesia Lite
  • Elevator Action
  • Pick Pocket Lesson
  • Worker Bee "Collectors"
  • Love a Dove Dove Plus
  • Outsourcing Sandwich
  • Bushfire Triumph Ver. 1.5
  • Acrobat Leader

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