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The Professional Mentalist's Officers Manual - Richard Osterlind

The Professional Mentalist's Officers Manual - Richard Osterlind

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Welcome to the higher ranks of mentalism!

The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual has become one of our most popular offerings with mentalists worldwide. Its practical advice for professionals has been called invaluable for the working performer!

Now we have taken this training one step further with The Professional Mentalist's Officers Manual! This volume picks up where the first left off with even more valuable and hard-hitting rules of engagement for the working mentalist. Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • How to not take chances with your show
  • Why problems are always your fault and what you have to do to avoid them
  • Why you have to be tough
  • Things are not always so nice in show business
  • How to show consistency in your show.
  • Why you are the only one
  • What is appropriate at the corporate level
  • How to act on social media
  • How you affect your audience
  • The secret of acting like a real mentalist
  • The right effect for the right occasion
  • How not to dig holes for yourself

And much more...!

Chapter 17, with 40 tips for mentalists, is worth the price of the book alone!

The Professional Mentalist's Officers Manual is presented in the same format as the original, with the same "Army Manual" look and feel along with worksheets for each chapter to help you improve your overall professionalism as a mentalist.

The foreword is written by best-selling author, Louis Del Monte, physicist, writer, keynote speaker, and CEO of Del Monte & Associates, Inc. Before that, he was a leader in the development of microelectronics for IBM and Honeywell for over 30 years with hundreds of employees under him in the corporate world. He knows his stuff and his introductory words form a valuable contribution to this book

NEW, Perfect bound, 114 pages

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