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The Professional Mentalist's Intelligence Manual - Richard Osterlind

The Professional Mentalist's Intelligence Manual - Richard Osterlind

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Hundreds of mentalists have written to say how much our Field Manuals have helped them in their professional careers. Some have even told us they actually carry them around to refer to them constantly. These books cover valuable and unique information on the real aspects of professional performing. Now, after over a year of hard work, the final entry in the series, The Professional Mentalist's Intelligence Manual, is at the printer and we are ready to take pre-orders. This may be the best Field Manual yet!

Some of the topics include:

  • What it means to become a professional
  • You need an office
  • Taxes and other evil things
  • The Ancient Magic vs. Mentalism argument
  • The Most Important Aspect of Mentalism
  • The real way you are treated if they believe
  • Wanting a mentor
  • What to do after the show
  • Be a businessman

And so many more!

Plus, this last book includes a bonus chapter by Millard Longman called, "First Contact - What To Say After Hello!" Having attended many sales courses, let me tell you this original manuscript is pure gold! This chapter alone can propel your professional success by miles!

NEW, Perfect bound, 128 pages

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