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The Pennies - Giovanni Livera - DVD

The Pennies - Giovanni Livera - DVD

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NOTE from Don: I have used this routine for years, including on my ZOOM shows.  Puzzling, but can also be very magical.

They say it's not what you do it's how you do it, so lets get ready to do it right! See one of magics' greatest innovators take a mind boggling, self working puzzle and turn it into a MAGICAL EVENT your audience will LOVE! This is THE PENNIES by GIOVANNI LIVERA. Golden Cups winner and celebrated motivational speaker Giovanni Livera shows you how a totally impromptu puzzle, a roll of pennies, and solid routine can bring the house down! The routining techniques taught here are invaluable and can take your existing routines to new heights! Learn to turn a puzzle into a show piece. The most fun you can have for fifty cents!

No Gimmicks! Cool psychology with pure showmanship!

For those not familiar with the effect, a square made up of 40 pennies is made on the close-up mat.  A spectator adds one more coin to one of the rows, yet with a few simple movements of pennies, the added one disappears into the square of other pennies, still leaving 40 pennies.  It is done again, and still the added coin disappears into the 40-penny square.  This can be done 5 or 6 times, each time getting more and more baffling ("Where does the added coin disappear to?!")

NEW, still sealed DVD.

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