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The Oracle System - Ben Seidman (SM1)

The Oracle System - Ben Seidman (SM1)

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For more than a decade, Ben Seidman has guarded "The Oracle System" carefully. Now, he's finally ready to share it with us.

“The Oracle System” is a simple, powerful, pure demonstration of mind reading that is bound to immediately become one of the most moving and impactful pieces of magic in your show. Using nothing more than 10 tarot cards, you will deliver an unforgettable experience to your audience.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a tarot card reading. “The Oracle System” is instead a series of powerful mentalism reveals that just happen to use tarot cards.

"The Oracle System" is all about your spectator--their lives, their choices, their future. The structure of the trick allows you to explore personal relationships and reveal intimate information. You're able to predict the choices someone will make, and even the thoughts they think, using a powerful, original cocktail of methods.

Here’s a sample:

Your spectator and you each shuffle a packet of five matching tarot cards. You each eliminate four of the cards leaving just one...which, impossibly, matches theirs every time.

You then show that every card in each of your packets match, proving you each made the same decisions at every stage of the routine.

There are multiple ways for this trick to go, each as strong as the other. What’s most important is that Ben teaches you how to focus your energy on being present in the moment and to deliver a performance that feels deeply personal and wholly authentic using a mixture of cold-reading, intuition and the specially-printed tarot cards.

Includes vegan leather carrying case, ten custom-printed tarot cards, and a comprehensive instructional download. You also get access to an hour-long conversation between Luke Jermay and Ben Seidman in which they discuss never before shared tips on Tarot effects and Cold Reading.

NEW, Cards, Wallet & online instructions

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