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The Linking Rings: Eli Marks Mysteries, Book 4 - John Gaspard

The Linking Rings: Eli Marks Mysteries, Book 4 - John Gaspard

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NOTE from Don: I have read the first 3 books in the Eli Marks fiction series, and all three are very well written.  I am glad that John Gaspard is allowing me to carry the entire series in my shop.

Did Uncle Harry just murder a fellow magician?
On stage in front of a full audience?
It’s up to Eli to prove that, in the world of magic, you can’t always believe your eyes!

"You will just LOVE these books."—VANISH Magazine


Eli's trip to London with his uncle Harry quickly turns homicidal when the older magician finds himself accused of murder. It’s clear someone is knocking off Harry's elderly peers in bizarrely effective ways. But who? The odd gets odder when the prime suspect appears to be a bitter performer with a grudge...who committed suicide over thirty years before.

NEW, paperback, 246 pages

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