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The Legacy Collection (only 7 titles of 10) - Peter Turner

The Legacy Collection (only 7 titles of 10) - Peter Turner

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IMPORTANT: This set is only 7 of the original 10 titles.

Legacy is a refined collection of Peter Turner's best material. Commemorating 10 years of originality that has helped reshape the mentalism space forever.

In this special edition box set, you'll discover 7 of the 10 curated books on essential plots in the art of mentalism.

Ellusionist worked with Peter Turner to cherry-pick from hundreds of original ideas, presentations, effects & lines of theory.

Legacy is the very best of, the greatest hits, the anthology of the most prolific creator alive today.

The 7 titles are:

1. Propless Mentalism
2. Mentalism With Numbers
3. Blurred Reality
4. Billet Peeks
5. Playing Cards in Mentalism
6. Drawing Duplications
7. Hypno Mentalism

This is a MUST HAVE add-on for any collector or aspiring mentalist.

NOTE: For those wondering, this is completely different to Pete's Masterclass Series. There may be some crossover of effects, but this is a curated 'Greatest Hits' - and not just the Masterclass PDF's in book form.

USED, 7 booklets only, in the original slip case


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