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The Gambling Magician - B.W. McCarron
The Gambling Magician - B.W. McCarron
The Gambling Magician - B.W. McCarron
The Gambling Magician - B.W. McCarron

The Gambling Magician - B.W. McCarron

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Within the pages of this volume, the reader will find many effects which may easily be incorporated into a program of exposes, or as part of a manipulative act. None of the effects discussed in the first section require sleights more difficult than the double lift. Many a performer will want to credit the occurrences to his own skill – even though none is involved. While at no time should the Lecturer attribute the happenings to “magic”, a fairly plausible cause is sleight-of-hand.

Included in Section II of this volume, I have given the reader an illustrated guide to some actual methods employed by professional card men, and some ruses and gimmicks of my own. The reader may be surprised to learn the simplicity of many of the moves shown, and magicians will find much of the material suitable for card effects before lay audiences.
•An Introduction
•Section One: “Card Shark Routine” ◦Effect Number One: How The Dealer Always Wins
◦Effect Number Two: How The Dealer Uses Assistants
◦A Valuable Tip
◦Effect Number Three: Plain-Sight Cheating
◦Another Valuable Tip To Gamblers
◦Effect Number Four: The Cut For Deal
◦Effect Number Five: Apparent Marking Of A Borrowed Deck Instantaneously
◦Effect Number Six: Plain Sight Palming
◦Special Bonus: Card To Box Of Miniature Playing Cards
◦Effect Number Seven: Miraculous Deck Switch (?)
◦Effect Number Eight: A Blindfolded Poker Deal
◦Effect Number Nine: Spectator’s Choice Of Cards Poker Deal
◦Effect Number Ten: Another Wild Poker “Deal.”
◦Effect Number Eleven: A Lightning Fast, Indetectable Second Deal
◦Effect Number Twelve: Feeling A Card – With A Borrowed Deck
◦Effect Number Thirteen: Invisible Daub
◦Bonus: Mercurio’s Deck Set-Up
◦Effect Number Fourteen: Another Poker Deal
◦A Useful Ruse
◦Effect Number Fifteen: A Poker Deal That Deals Itself
◦Effect Number Sixteen: Shuffling The Cards Up One’s Sleeves
◦Effect Number Seventeen: Cutting The Aces To The Top Of The Deck
◦Effect Number Eighteen: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
◦Effect Number Nineteen: The Dead Man’s Hand
◦Effect Number Twenty: Still Another Second-Deal

•Section Two: Card Shark Methods ◦Part One: Ruses

The Deck Switch
The Raise
The Bluff
The Turnover
The Extra Card
The Switch
The Short Card
The Crimp
The Loss
The Fake
Additional Ruses

◦Part Two: Devices And Gimmicks:
The Mirror Ring
Hand Shiners
The Bill Mirror
The Matchbox Shiner
The Detachable Concealer
The Holdout
The Slippery Shoe
The Shoe Holdout

•In Conclusion
•Rank Of Cards In Straight Poker
•How To Construct The Special Cards Required For Effect Number Three: “Plain Sight Cheating”
•The Cardman’s Suitcase
•Actual Marked Cards
•Quick – Use Glossary

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