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The Final Stop - Sean Taylor (SM4)

The Final Stop - Sean Taylor (SM4)

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I will let Sean describe this for you:

Imagine this. 
You have a small black envelope, you shake the envelope and a card can be heard inside. You allow the audience to look inside where they can clearly see a single card. 
A pack of cards is spread cleanly on the table. It's obviously shuffled, complete and normal (in fact, you don't touch them from this point, the spectator handles them throughout and can take them home). 
You explain clearly what will happen. The spectator is to deal the cards face up on the table and they can stop dealing at any card. You explain that the card they stop at and the card in your envelope will match perfectly. You proceed to do exactly that. The spectator deals the cards and stops at any point (they can deal to the very last card if they so wish). There's no adding up numbers or shaking dice, they simply deal the cards and stop. When they stop dealing, you pick up the envelope and very cleanly tip out a single card which is a perfect match.  

The Final Stop is my final solution to an effect I've played with for more than 35 years. Koran's Five Star Miracle. I've made a number of key changes to allow it to be done with a normal pack. I am sending you the custom made, matt celloglaze envelope together with its devious contents and a link to the instructions on how to perform it. Once you understand the premise and presentation and have spent a few minutes playing with the envelope, you'll be able to do it. Nothing is added or taken away. This envelope does all of the work.

Over Covid I was performing this over Zoom by sending a pack of cards to my audience and having them open it and perform the trick with me live. 
See a full LIVE performance HERE
NEW. Includes envelope, gimmicks, and full online instructions (Watch NOT INCLUDED)
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