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The Expert ESP Deck - Experts at the Craft Table (SM6)

The Expert ESP Deck - Experts at the Craft Table (SM6)

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A marked ESP deck so cunning that even those that know to look for a mark can’t spot it, yet so clear that it can be read in an instant!

Whilst most marked deck producers are unwilling to put the marked backs of their cards on display, we enjoy giving magicians the challenge of seeing if they can spot the marks. We are of course perfectly happy to explain the marking system to any magicians that ask, but once you see it you can’t unsee it!

Unlike many other ESP decks on the market, we will be providing the full 56 cards available when printing a regular deck of cards, rather than the 25 card deck that is traditional with ESP decks. Our deck will consist of 25 black backed cards, 25 purple backed cards, 5 double faced cards and one double backed card.

We brought this deck to Kickstarter because rather than settle for lower quality print on demand decks, we plan to print with Cartamundi the world’s largest playing card printer. We have opted to have these cards printed on a linen finish Superluxe 310 cardstock, providing great shuffling ability and a good level of durability. When printing with a larger supplier such as Cartamundi there is a minimum order quantity which we need to meet, so we felt that Kickstarter would enable us to gauge whether there is enough of a market for these cards to meet that minimum order.

NOTE from Don: I purchased this deck as a backer to the Kickstarter project, and liked them so much that I purchased 12 more decks to have for sale. The markings are easy to read, but difficult for spectators to discover.

NEW, 56 cards, including:

  • 25 black backed cards
  • 25 light purple backed cards
  • 5 double facers
  • 1 double back purple/black
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