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The Con - Dead Rebel Magic (SM4)

The Con - Dead Rebel Magic (SM4)

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NOTE from Don: I spotted this routine online, and contacted the manufacturer in the U.K., Dead Rebel Magic.  I have imported 4 of these, and by my purchasing them in bulk, you can save almost $30.00 of shipping and import fees. These are quality props, in a nice double zipper leather pouch. I have been performing it for about 6 months with the Steve Cook Props, but these are even more incredible quality.

The Con. Available now in limited numbers!! An amazing self working prediction effect from Dead Rebel Magic based on The Gamble by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic.

Basic effect:  You ask a helper to place a poker chip into their pocket without looking at it.  You then show 4 different colored poker chips.  You have the helper place them into the zippered pouch and shake them up.  They are asked to choose one of the poker chips, and when they remove the one from their pocket, they match.  Let it be known that there are various ways to finish this routine, but all of them are very strong.

Includes full tutorial by Si at Dead Rebel Magic and includes the original trailer and tutorial from Liam Montier!

NEW, with everything shown in the photos.
Props & online instructions (which are very easy to learn).


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