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That's Amore' - Keven Williams & Nathan Kranzo

That's Amore' - Keven Williams & Nathan Kranzo

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 From the Authors:  The effects described in this book were created by working magicians FOR working magicians. We don’t go into great detail on how to control a selected card, perform a top change, or execute a shuttle pass. The book was written for people who already know these things.

Contents: 3 Keven's 2 Cents: Intro by Keven Williams 3 Nate's $1.35: Intro by Nathan Kranzo 4 An Element of Pride 'n' Joy (Reed McClintock): a multi-phased card routine of hearts, diamonds, and your pride and joy. 5 Catch and Kiss (Sean-Dylan Reidweg): a blown kiss appears on a blue-backed card; the card blushes and its back turns red. 7 Haunted Key 2 (Keven Williams): a PK expansion of the commercial Haunted Key handling 7 Two Hearts That Burn As One (Keven Williams): Two spectators each select a card, then write the values of their selections on separate pieces of paper inside a drawn heart. The papers are burned, and the deck is gone through. One card is found with a heart on it; it turns out both spectator chose the same card, which matches the heart card. 8 Heartburn - Hole Deck (Nathan Kranzo): A couple signs a selection. The performer draws a heart on a piece of paper and places the paper over the deck. The paper is burn in a flash, and the entire deck is found to have a hole burnt through it in the shape of a heart! The selection is no longer in the deck and is produced from elsewhere. 10 Heart Shaped Flash (Nathan Kranzo): An old poem is read with the couple's names, then an extinguished match is dropped on it, where it burns in a flash, leaving the shape of a heart in the ashes. 10 Heart Wrenching Coincidence (Keven Williams): A man and woman in a couple each choose a card. Performer selects a card, but it is not correct. A heart is torn out of the card, and inserted into the deck. Again the cards are not those chosen. Turns out both man and woman selected the same card, and the rejected card with the heart torn out becomes the selection. and much more.

Used, Stapled, 23 pages

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