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Tempus Fugit (Red Bicycle Back) - Mark Mason (SM1)

Tempus Fugit (Red Bicycle Back) - Mark Mason (SM1)

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A card is selected and signed on the face, and the spectator is asked to name any time of day (no force).  You draw a picture of a clock on the back of the selection and the fingers on the clock visually move to another time! That's good, but it's not the spectator's time. The fingers move for a second time, coming to rest on the exact same time the spectator merely thought of! The card is immediately handed out. No switch at the end. Precision made gimmick, as well as a quality Watch Winder.

NOTE from Don: I performed this for about 2 years when it first came out. Now I have a slightly shaky hand, so it is difficult for me to draw a clock that matches the gimmick each time.  If you can draw a simple clock (see photos of actual gimmick), you'll be able to get great reactions from this routine.

NEW, Includes Red Back Bicycle gimmick, + nice quality Watch winder gimmick.

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