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Tarot Sized, Indexed, One Way, and Marked ESP Cards - James Chartier (SM6)

Tarot Sized, Indexed, One Way, and Marked ESP Cards - James Chartier (SM6)

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The ESP Deck includes a full detailed instruction booklet along with several routines and ideas from Dan Tong and Tony Dunn.

Creating an ESP deck in Tarot Size takes the standard ESP deck out of looking like a magic trick deck and more into a special deck much like the Tarot.  A problem with the standard ESP deck is that there are no indexes.  If you have several cards in your hand, in order to see all the designs you have to spread the cards from hand to hand to see what you have. 

Now with the indexes;  you can fan the cards in your hand and see exactly what you are holding just as a regular deck of cards.  The larger size cards can easily be seen from a distance for stand up shows and are beautiful close up.

The marking system is superb!  They can be read from up close to a few feet away.  Learn it in under 5 minutes.  Not only are they marked on both ends for easy reading but they are also a one way deck too!

NEW, 25 ESP cards + 1 double backer, cloth carrying bag and instructions

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