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Super Cents: Trix with Giant Pennies - Jerry Mentzer

Super Cents: Trix with Giant Pennies - Jerry Mentzer

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A Book of Magic Tricks you can do with Half Dollar sized or Silver Dollar sized Pennies or other Giant coins.  SUPER CENTS contains a baker’s dozen of routines with the giant Silver Dollar size penny or the Half Dollar size penny. Full routines as well as quickies! Thirty-five illustrations make the learning easy. Nearly all the routines in this 28-page book can also be done with giant coins of other denominations. If you do coin magic, you must have SUPER CENTS!


  • Introduction: some tips on magic with jumbo coins
  •  Penny-Penny Who Has the Penny?: Magician holds a penny while the spectator holds a silver dollar. Magician states he will transpose the two coins, but the spectator doesn't feel a thing. When her hand is opened, she is holding a jumbo penny
  • Heads or Tails?: In the process of playing a heads or tails game, the penny grows to a large size
  • Penny Thru Hand: a penny is pushed through the back of the performers hand and grows into a jumbo coin in the process
  • 3 Penny Trick: two in the hand and one in the pocket with pennies and a jumbo penny climax                                                                                                                                                                            Inflation Cent: an almost instant change of a regular penny into a jumbo penny
  • Undercover Inflation: a penny is covered with a handkerchief and turns into a jumbo penny
  • Magnified Coin: a penny is viewed through a magnifier and when the lens is taken away, the coin is now jumbo; two versions are presented
  • Gypsy Switch Inflation Cent: silver dollar changes to a jumbo penny with the aid of a handkerchief and the "Gypsy Switch"
  • Switch Penny: as above with a regular penny instead of the Silver Dollar
  • Switch Change: a penny changes to a dime, back to a penny, then to the dime again, then to a jumbo penny. Uses a dime/penny insert and handkerchief
  • I.O.U.: a silver dollar is wrapped in a piece of paper and vanishes in a flash of fire, where it is seen that a jumbo penny has appeared with an IOU under it for 99 cents (to be performed seated)
  • Standup Inflation: a penny changes into a jumbo coins, and the hands are shown to be "clean"

USED, 25 pages. 

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