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Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich
Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich

Sub Rosa - Ariel Frailich

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60+ magic & mentalism effects for stage & close-up, based on a simple technique.

Sub Rosa is a wonderfully deceptive and versatile technique that you can learn in seconds and master in minutes.

It’s simple and direct, and doesn’t involve any sleight-of-hand or difficult, hidden moves. It’s suitable for stage, parlour, and close-up, and is equally at home in magic and in mentalism.

Sub Rosa has dozens of applications. You can use it for effects as diverse as:

  • Card or Bill in Cigarette
  • Linking Finger Rings
  • predictions and divinations
  • Torn and Restored effects
  • Coin in Bottle
  • Paper to Bills effects
  • Colour-Changing Knives
  • paddle routines
  • Brema Nut and similar
  • transpositions and transformations

and countless others. 

In Sub Rosa, you will find over sixty effects, including:

Stage magic:

  • Good Evening: A message appears on a blank sheet of paper crumpled up by a spectator. Fully scripted.
  • Losing Face: A selected card becomes blank and its face appears printed on a handkerchief held by the spectator.
  • After the fact: A very clean handling for borrowed-object-to-impossible-location effects.

Stage mentalism:

  • A Squeeze of Deception: Three borrowed coins are held by a volunteer on stage. Without ever touching them, you correctly determine their dates. With several variations, including a design duplication.
  • The Game of Keys: Several spectators try to win a borrowed watch. Complete with cheeky game show host, cheering section and consolation prizes. Fully scripted.
  • Spodomancy: You predict a merely thought-of card, burn the prediction slip and use the ashes to reveal a selected card in an eerie way.

Close-up magic:

  • Changing Roles: A spectator holds a gold ring, you hold a silver coin. The two should transpose; instead, the metals transpose. Fully scripted.
  • A simple colour separation: Simple, direct version of Out of This World, using a small number of cards. Spectator can shuffle at any point. No crossover/colour switching.
  • Fast Boat to China: A borrowed coin placed in an envelope turns into a Chinese coin. Fully scripted.

Close-up mentalism:

  • Underhanded Heads-Up: You predict the date of a coin freely selected through elimination. Uses ordinary coins.
  • Triplets and Trios: A very clean prediction (or divination by spectators) of three numbers, letters, words, images, etc. With fully scripted presentations inspired by: Koran’s Gold Medallion, Becker’s Casino Royale, Rutledge’s Minding the Store, plus travel destinations, a night on the town, a murder mystery, and many more.
  • The Sub Rosa Index: Prediction system with up to 8 outs. Numerous presentation possibilities.

In addition, you will find:

  • a headline prediction
  • a Cups and Balls technique
  • key bending
  • a card revelation
  • a Linking Pins finale
  • spirit writing
  • book tests
  • spirit photography

and more.

Many effects have fully scripted presentations. There are humorous routines, straightpieces, and even a few Bizarre effects. Themes include:

  • an experiment in an ESP lab
  • learning card tricks
  • spirit photography of dead celebrities
  • winning at Bingo
  • bad luck at cards, even with the help of magic
  • a murderer
  • a dead clown
  • a would-be student of divination
  • good luck charms, amulets, feng shui
  • tattoos, voodoo

and more.

Last but not least, with the Sub Rosa technique, you can often use inexpensive, ordinary items instead of specialized apparatus to accomplish similar effects.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Former owner has pasted small photos, of the magicians that are mentioned throughout this book, on the inside front cover & onto facing page.  There may also be a colored dot on the spine, by which he indexed his collection, as well as underlining throughout.  THIS IS A USED BOOK, and the listed price reflects these possibilities.