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State of the Act - Chris Beason
State of the Act - Chris Beason

State of the Act - Chris Beason

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What the pros are saying about State of the Act:

"Crazy good! Chris' magic is creative and organic. These notes show the strength of situational magic and will surely spark your creativity!" -Chris Hanowell

"Chris has loaded these notes with outside-the-box thinking and clever methods. There's something here for everyone!" -Kevin Reylek

"I love Chris' work. Every single thing he puts out has an organic feel to it, which makes it perfect for those 'on the spot' moments." -Josh Janousky

"Chris has a knack for creating what I call 'real magic'. This collection doesn't contain any card tricks but instead effects with coffee, gum, soda and more. This type of 'in the moment' magic really stands out in spectator's minds!" -Ryan Schultz