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Squid Cards ESP cards
Squid Cards ESP cards
Squid Cards ESP cards

Squid Cards (ESP) - Matthew Wright

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Squid Cards bring the traditional ESP deck to a new and exciting audience.

With over 150 million households watching the biggest TV show in Netflix history we have created instantly recognizable symbols and business cards that allow for creative presentations never before seen.

Included along with the deck of 27 specially MARKED cards are 4 easy to do yet mind boggling routines you will be able to add to your repertoire immediately. With collaborations from Michael Murray, Harry Robson and Matthew Wright Squid Cards give modern twist on some classic routines meaning you can play THE GAME and amaze at the same time.

NOTE from Don: These cards are interesting, but not the highest quality. They are closer to business card size than poker cards. Quality is not playing card-like either; they are more of a business card stock. I only have one set of these.

NEW, 27 cards + download instructions