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Spell Binders For Teachers and Entertainers- Jim Scott

Spell Binders For Teachers and Entertainers- Jim Scott

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Spellbinders introduces NEW CONCEPTS that are baffling, entertaining, humorous, educational, and ADAPTABLE. Using the 6 functions of a special spelling method and a host of other tools, you can adapt these simple techniques to any type of presentation!

Spellbinders is a remarkable book. These principles will surprise and delight you as
well as
your audiences.”
Jim Steinmeyer Magic consultant, inventor and author

"This book is full of magical treasures! It is an amazing effort and will be a wonderful
contribution to gospel magicians and the magic world in general."

Duane Laflin Professional illusionist and pastor

A valuable reference book for magicians, teachers, and corporate trainers,
Spellbinders will stir your creativity and unveil new ways to introduce a topic, hold attention, and present a series of points. You can use these self-working tools to energize your classrooms and amaze your audiences,
regardless of the application:
● Corporate presentations ● Magic shows and other entertainment
● Children’s church ministry ● Training classes and programs
● Public education ● Bible teaching

Spellbinders includes:
● An explanation of an ultra-useful spelling method that allows you to defy logic with packets of special cards or playing cards
● Over
80 routines for a variety of audiences
● Over
30 tools or concepts that can be adapted to various themes
● About
25 Christian ministry routines
● Over
40 applications for the versatile Card Match effect

Full review can be found HERE

NEW, paperback, 207 pages

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