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DON'S MAGIC & BOOKS EXCLUSIVE - Shrouded Soul: Thoughts On Truth & Illusion - Francisco Mousinho

DON'S MAGIC & BOOKS EXCLUSIVE - Shrouded Soul: Thoughts On Truth & Illusion - Francisco Mousinho

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Don's Magic & Books USA EXCLUSIVE.

Francisco Mousinho is an award-winning illusionist that fuses magic with storytelling. Francisco’s attention to detail and symbolism is key for his performances. He is the founder of Academia de Ilusionismo de Sintra, a school directed towards learning the art of magic, in Portugal. Amongst other crafts, Francisco is also the Host of the most famous Burlesque & Cabaret Show, in Lisbon, Maxime Cabaret. He spends some of his time dedicating his focus on creating innovative content, lecturing throughout Europe.

In his most recent book, “Shrouded Soul”, you will learn how truthful writing can improve the emotional resonance of your performances, how authenticity can become a weapon for magicians and how we can use our imperfect human traits to our advantage: to conceal techniques, to create new ones and to change the frame of our art for ourselves and the audience, along with the symbolism we carry with us on stage. Francisco Mousinho theorizes about mistakes and imperfection and how we can turn them into something useful and creative. Additionally, you will learn 3 full routines from Francisco´s professional repertoire, that enhance and illustrates the fundamental elements of the book. How can we as magicians, become more than we are?

A quick book review can be found HERE

NEW, Hardcover, 137 pages.
SIGNED & stamped for authenticity by the author.

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