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Seeing Light in the Darkness - Jeffrey C. Smith

Seeing Light in the Darkness - Jeffrey C. Smith

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NOTE from Don: This is a book, written by a magician friend of mine here in Minnesota.  He has recently retired from performing as a full-time magician, even though he is legally blind, among other health issues.

What happens when light collides with dark? If you're Jeffrey Smith, laughter erupts! A compelling memoir by America's only blind, multiply-disabled magician: how life threatening disease and disability ignited healing, laughter, and faith. Smith humorously chronicles his battles with catastrophic colitis, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, total blindness, and a severe speech impediment. Join him in practical jokes on his nurses, wheel chair races on the hospital floor, gambling in economics class, and using a magic trick to propose to his wife. Rather than wallow in despair, Jeff has chosen to focus on what is possible in his life. The result? A twenty year career as a magician and motivational speaker, more than 3,000 shows and presentations, national engagements, and international media coverage in radio, print and television. His secret? Irreverent humor and faith. Smith shares the perspectives, principles and practical strategies he used to triumph over seemingly impossible circumstances to provide others with hope in difficult situations. Who is this book for? Everyone. If you've been discouraged, you've been judged unfairly by others, you've judged others unfairly, you've been afraid to dream and need a nudge, this book is for you. And simply for anyone who enjoys being entertained! Jeff lives in Minnesota with his wife, Devon, and their faithful, 4-legged "son," Krypto.

NEW, paperback, 336 pages

Jeff can be contacted HERE, and his other available books can be purchased HERE.

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