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Secret Carrier (SM5)

Secret Carrier (SM5)

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Transform any deck of cards into a multi-purpose gimmicked deck on the fly with the "Secret Gaff and Packet Trick Carrier Pro."

We don't need to say much about how valuable packet tricks and gimmicked cards can be. They open up card magic possibilities that go well beyond the realm of standard sleight of hand.

3 Card Monte, Standup Monte, moving hole effects. They're all super powerful. But, it can be a pain to carry them all. "Secret Gaff and Packet Trick Carrier Pro" solves that problem.

Carry all your favorite gaff cards, packet cards and refill cards in one gorgeous holder that takes up almost no pocket space.

Each carrier is constructed of premium suede with a magnetic locking system. It has five different slots and can hold up to 20 cards. As a bonus feature it also has a dedicated business card dispenser with the out to lunch principle built right in.

There's no better way to carry your gaffs or turn your business cards into an unforgettable souvenir.

  • Made with real leather
  • Hold up to 20 gaff cards
  • 5 smart release compartments
  • Magnetic locking system

BRAND NEW, Black Leather

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