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Scarne's Magic Tricks - John Scarne

Scarne's Magic Tricks - John Scarne

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Make broken objects whole again! Float a table in mid-air! Read people's minds! Induce a hypnotic trance! All these and many other classic tricks are within your grasp when you follow the directions in this amazing book by one of the greatest magicians of all time.

Drawing from his own extensive repertoire and those of other great artists of intrigue, John Scarne explains the secrets behind a variety of illusions that can be carried out in any situation -- from a large stage to a small room -- using only common, easily obtainable props.

Such feats as The Talking Mirror, The Dollar That Wouldn't Burn, Hypnotic Rigidity, and scores more have been reworked to eliminate the sleight of hand found in most tricks. Streamlined and simplified explanations will have you dazzling and delighting family and friends after only a brief practice session.

NEW, Dover Paperback edition