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Roger Klause In Concert - Lance Pierce

Roger Klause In Concert - Lance Pierce

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Roger Klause is one of our favorite magical thinkers. Words to describe Klause's magic would include "elegant," "refined," and "polished." Klause was part of the inner circle of magic's most important minds: Vernon, Jennings, White, and more. This is the REGULAR edition. 

Roger Klause in Concert is seldom seen because it's been out of print for a decade. Written by sleight-of-hand expert Lance Pierce, it's a wonderful celebration of Roger's magic. You'll learn magic with bills, coins, cards, and thumbtips. Our favorite effect involves a small, miniature card, which is produced in a magical and unexpected way. This book absolutely belongs on the shelf of every serious sleight-of-hand student.

Very detailed explanations with numerous B&W photographs. Rather than just a book of tricks, “In Concert” is meant as a training tool in finesse and analysis. It discusses the concept of the “half-move”, to take the heat off of sleight of hand.
This is a FIRST edition, from L&L Publishing.

NEW, HC w/dj, 254 pages


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