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Poetry Reading - Alvo Stockman

Poetry Reading - Alvo Stockman

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Imagine you’re sitting at a local coffee shop, steaming drink in your hand, contemplating life when you strike up a conversation with a friendly stranger.

“What are you working on?” she asks.

“Oh, just writing some poetry in my journal,” you reply.

“Are you a poet?” she inquires.

“It’s just a hobby of mine, actually. Would you like to hear some?”

“Of course!” she exclaims excitedly.
And so it begins. You read a few short poems to her before asking, “Would you like me to write one for you?”

“Sure!” is the response.

As you write, you look up once or twice but never ask any questions. “While writing, I made some wild guesses about your tastes. Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite color?”

“And your favorite flower?”

“Oh REALLY? I think you’re going to like this poem...”

You immediately show her the poem you’ve been working on right in front of her which turns out to be quite inspirational, personal and specifically about her! No nailwriting here, these facts are embedded into a poem, complete with rhyming verse!


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