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Paranormal/RandomEyes Combo - Martin Pierce & Gary Sumpter (SM6)

Paranormal/RandomEyes Combo - Martin Pierce & Gary Sumpter (SM6)

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This is a combination pack of our effect ‘Paranormal’ by Martin Peirce and our new version ‘Randomeyes’ by Gary Sumpter. Anyone that sees this effect loves how fair and simple it feels, yet the matching pairs at the end are a real shock!

Gary always loved this effect but wanted something that will connect with an audience, as opposed to E.S.P symbols.


A fun demonstration of ESP power with the spectator receiving all of the plaudits.

Virtually self working with lots of mystery and fun.

Choose a spectator and tell them that you have a feeling about them and that you think that they be Paranormal.

Explain to them about Extra Sensory Perception and show them the symbols on ESP cards.
They are mixed casually in your hands before having your possible Paranormal helper cut them as many times as they wish.

When they are happy have them cut off half the deck and turn either half face up.

You are now going to test their extra sensory powers by giving them 3 moves, a move is simply picking an ESP card up from either the face up or face down pile and throwing it away.

You demonstrate this by removing a card from either one of the piles and placing it aside.

After they made their 3 choices (moves) take the top card from both piles and place these side by side away from the other cards.

You tell to make another 3 moves using the same procedure as before, once again you remove the top card from both piles after they have made their choices and place these side by side with the other side by side cards.

Finally another 3 moves are given to test their prowess and psychological powers.
Once again after 3 cards have been fairly discarded the top cards of both piles are placed together with the previous side by side pairs.

Time for the moment of truth, if one pair of cards matched you would say that they have a good intuition, if 2 pairs matched it would be simply brilliant, but if all 3 pairs matched then you would have to describe them as Paranormal.

The pairs of ESP cards are dramatically turned over to reveal that your helper is indeed Paranormal.
Comes with 25 custom printed ESP Cards (Blank Backs so no markings!)


As above, your spectator will make all of the decisions, however this time, with photos, young and old, male and female, a real mixture of people. When the cards are turned over at the end, the pairs have the same eye colour, or both have glasses, or sunglasses, or have their eyes closed.

Randomeyes comes with three ‘eye themed’ quotation cards that are a great prediction, as when the prediction is revealed, the spectators still don’t know what to expect.

We have also included some extra cards that have the same background but no text, so that you can write your own quotation or prediction on them.

These cards are GORGEOUS and are supplied on Pro Stock, also called "Parlor Size".

NEW, Cards & online instructions.

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