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Mystification - Richard Bartram, Jr.

Mystification - Richard Bartram, Jr.

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MYSTIFICATION with its completely new selection of close up magic with cards, coins, etc. should be considered a must-have book. If you are at all interested in puzzling and visual close up magic you will want it.

This is a stellar collection of close-up magic! You may be familiar with Richard’s contributions in magazines such as The Linking RingThe Trapdoor or his other book, Close-Up Of The Damned. But this collection goes far beyond previous offerings. It is much larger, and the magic is outstanding. 

Contents include tricks based on the Moveable Hole theme, Magic Printing of Money, Coin Assemblies and Coin Changes. Plus chapters devoted to cut-and-restored/torn-and-restored effects and card effects with showy revelations. The biggest chapter in the book contains a variety of effects with matches, card on the necktie, paper money, three-card monte effects, business cards, ink pens and a clever prediction of two cards. If you like puzzling, visual close-up magic, this book is for you!! 34 complete tricks!

Contents Include:


Chapter 1 - The Pit And The Pendulum

  • Hole Shuttle
  • Hole Card Monte 
  • The Bicycle Hoax 
  • Punch Transposition 
  • Punch Finish 

 Chapter 2 - The Gold Bug

  • Buck Fever
  • French Change
  • Dissemble No More 
  • Return To The Purse Of The Damned
  • French Changed
  • French Extraction Retraction

Chapter 3 - Mesmeric Revelation

  • Point Of Thought
  • Hop Card
  • The Valdemar Change
  •  Ligea Card Rise

Chapter 4 - The Murders In The Rue Morgue

  • The L'Espanaye Card
  • French Restoration 

Chapter 5 - The Premature Burial

  • The Ripper
  • Fortunato
  • Morella
  • A Descent Into A Maelstrom
  • The Oblong Box
  • Spun Sandwich
  • Ambitious Vanish

Chapter 6 - Diddling

  • Match Made In Heaven
  • Color Change Tie
  • Pinatrated Bill
  • Yankee Clipper ”1
  • The Magician Of The Crowd
  • The Pen-Hoax
  • The Clairvoyant Card
  • Why The Magician Wears a Card On His Tie

USED, perfect bound, 110 pages

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