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Mind Wise - Richard Mark

Mind Wise - Richard Mark

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Mind Wise is creative and entertaining Mind-bending Mentalism from psychic entertainer and award winner, Richard Mark, author of Mind Warp, Mind Workand co-author of Maurice Fogel, In Search of the Sensational. Marc Salem's comments enrich the material. 35 audience-tested methods, presentations and much more.

You can influence and control audience thoughts and actions proven with a statement written before your performance and held by a volunteer.

Mentally receive and describe not just a word from a book, but an entire paragraph -- and then give the book away.

Prove that an audience volunteer can mentally receive an image that you have drawn and was never viewed by them.

Perform a chair test that is direct and easy to accomplish but extraordinarily deceptive, and a practical and direct Q and A that will deceive and entertain your audience.

USED, paperback, 170 pages

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Former owner has pasted a small photo of the author, as well as his own nameplate, on the inside front cover & onto facing page.  There is a colored dot on the front cover, by which he indexed his collection, as well as some underlining throughout.  THIS IS A USED BOOK, and the listed price reflects these possibilities.

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