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Masters of Magic Master Collection Bookmark Set 4 - David Fox

Masters of Magic Master Collection Bookmark Set 4 - David Fox

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All 20 high quality magnetic bookmarks, featuring famous magicians.

By purchasing the Master Collection, you are basically buying 3 sets, and GETTING THE 4TH SET FREE.

Master Collection #4 includes all bookmarks from sets 1-3, PLUS 5 extra ones, featuring Brush The Mystic, Baldwin the White Mahatma, Alexander, Thurston and Herrmann The Great. 

Magicians featured in Set #1-3 are Miss Baldwin, Blackstone Sr., Harry Kellar (3 different ones) Adelaide Herrmann, George, 2 Houdini ones, 2 different Thurston styles, 2 different Alexander styles, Carter the Great, and Chung Ling Soo.

Bookmarks are 2-sided, with iconic images on the front of each bookmark, and other images associated with the famous magicians on the back.

Each bookmark measures 2.75"x1"x 1/16" thick.

There are three 5-marker sets available, and a 4th Collectible Set.  Click HERE to see all 4 sets.


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