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Magic Square 2.0 - Daniel Arnold
Magic Square 2.0 - Daniel Arnold
Magic Square 2.0 - Daniel Arnold

Magic Square 2.0 - Daniel Arnold

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With the support of the well-known Swiss magician Christoph Borer, Daniel Arnold presents you with a completely new presentation idea for the magic square:

The following advantages result from this new idea:

- The demonstration is customizable. Create your own personal magic square to any topic that suits you (e.g. sports, nutrition, finance, etc.).  A sample routine including the presentation idea is explained in full in the booklet.

- The audience is actively involved in filling in the squares:
Version 1:
Your audience can freely choose the sum of the magic square to be calculated and additionally three numbers in the magic square.

Version 2:
Your spectators can freely choose four numbers in the magic square.

- The freely chosen numbers of the spectators can be completely arbitrary.  Also zero and even negative numbers are possible.

- A simple formula that is easy to learned. If you don't want to learn the formula by heart, you can also hide it by an extremely clever method, which is also explained in detail

- no complicated arithmetic operations

- By an optical modification of the 4x4 square the presentation is not immediately recognizable as a magic square.

Here is an excerpt from the foreword by Christoph Borer: "I was completely blown away when Daniel presented his Magic Square in one of my workshops. It was entertaining, coherent, meaningful and amazing."

Approx. 8x8 inches

NEW, softbound, 36 pages