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Magazine Trix: Content Edition - Just Andy

Magazine Trix: Content Edition - Just Andy

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NOTE from Don: I met Andy about a year ago, and recognized right away that this guy has some incredible magic chops.  I'm honored to call him a magic friend.

Big news from the desk of magazine trix- a new edition is now available.

If you don’t have the first two- I know the first one “word processor edition” is highly sought after and sold out. The second one- Vol 5, is still available as of now. 

But the new edition. What does it contain?

Here’s the ToC (and page number):

The Deal 4
The Trick that’s Consistent 5
TPWYAO (The Peek Wallet You Already Own) 12
Loudmouth 14
Flickle 17
A Simple False Cut 22
Pooshit 24
Phour 30
Boil Water 32
Geminitis 34
Turtle**** Second 37
Demanche Throw Change 38
Thriff 39
The Aces: Turtle****ed 41
Expression Test 43
A couple of kings 51

The Deal is a David Rangel special. Part magic trick, part practical joke, this encompasses a lot of what I love about David’s thinking.

The Trick that’s consistent is the work Brent and i put into Vernon’s classic.

The Peek Wallet you already own is the genius Braun at it again.

Loudmouth is a Dustin Tavella gem that he very graciously gave to us to publish. It’s the easiest optical shuffle you’ll ever learn, to boot.

Flickle- previously published only in a Spanish periodical, this peek from Daniel Garcia is a fresh look at classic peek you already know. These subtle updates to make handling more natural are a cornerstone to understand Daniel’s thinking.

A simple false cut is literally just a false cut i use all the time when fiddling.

Good news to all you folks that didn’t get the Black Friday Spesh! We took the contents from that and published them in print for everyone to enjoy. Note: the single physical collectors edition of the Black Friday Spesh is still available, and is its own thing complete with cover art. This “reprint” contains just the tricks.

Turtle**** second is the weirdest second deal you’ll ever do.

The demanche throw change and thrift are two coin moves I’ve been playing with recently. Both easy to do and fun to practice.

EAT MY INK 2 Jerry’s smash success from vol 1 returns with a vengeance. A simple reframing has turned this powerful gem to 11.

The Aces: funny story. This trick won me a Dan and Dave contest way back when I was 15-16. That does not mean it’s good. I just like it myself

Expression Test- Erik Casey is dope, and his magic is no exception. This trick was designed by Erik. I simply wrote the way you’ll see me performing this amazing effect.

A couple of kings- when the transformers combine into an even bigger transformer I’m a happy happy boy. Couple is a routine for two of the previous effects in the history of the tricks, combined with some fresh ideas on Eddie Fechter’s “Be Honest, What Is Shit?”

I’m so excited to be able to share this with y’all.

NEW, 56 pages.
This is the third volume in the "Just Andy" set of notes.

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