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LUCKO (Scratch off Lottery Card/Magic Square) - Matthew Wright (SM2)

LUCKO (Scratch off Lottery Card/Magic Square) - Matthew Wright (SM2)

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Lucko is an incredible close-up miracle which shows a freely chosen number hidden inside a magic square -- all part of a lottery-style scratch card! With no complicated math or memory work, Lucko is incredibly easy to do and leaves an amazing souvenir for your spectator. There are no forces needed (within normal magic square limitations), so any number can be named.

Lucko comes complete with a fully routined performance from Matthew Wright which makes all the "dirty work" easy and logical.

NEW. Comes with 20 cards included.

NOTE from Don: If you like Magic Squares, and want to be able to give your spectator a real scratch-off lottery style card that MATCHES THEIR NUMBER every time, you will love this item.

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