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Early Thayer Dr. Q Locking Spirit Slates - Thayer (SM5)

Early Thayer Dr. Q Locking Spirit Slates - Thayer (SM5)

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A mystery of magic for more than 150 years!
They are still astounding today, using a clever method that's EASY, requires NO SKILL and is undetectable!

The Spirit Slates are a pair of chalkboard-type writing slates, ordinary looking in every way.
But watch what happens when you place them together!
Suddenly, secret messages appear, perhaps written by the spirits themselves!
Have a spectator choose a card- the name of the card appears on the slate.
Have a spectator name a person, or initials, or a favorite color- anything that can be written down!
Whatever the message, it appears on the slate!

Use the Spirit Slates in any type of magic act.
Perfect for mentalists and mindreading acts, you could use the slates to reveal the secret thoughts of your spectators.
Of course, this trick is also very effective in a comedy routine, as YOU are the one who really controls what is written on the slates!

LIKE NEW condition.  No instructions, but easy to use with a few minute's time.

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