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Lies All The Way - John Carey - DVD + Custom Cards (SM2)

Lies All The Way - John Carey - DVD + Custom Cards (SM2)

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Lies All The Way is John Carey's great, fun and super strong approach to the classic lie detector plot. Lies All The Way adds a stunning finish that they just won't see coming!

Practically self-working, you will want to add this to your repertoire straight away.
Comes complete with special custom-printed cards and in-depth teaching.

Basic Effect: Two small piles of cards are dealt out facedown.  Spectator peeks at one card, and piles are assembled together.  After answering truthfully, or telling a lie each time, the cards are slowly sorted according to the answers given.  Finally, one card remaining turns out to be the chosen card, and all of the other cards, when turned face up, read (in big letters) LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, etc.

Lies All The Way comes complete with specially designed and printed cards (on BLUE Bicycle Stock) and online training video.

NEW, still wrapped.

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