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Lexicology 2.0 - Paul Carnazzo (SM2)

Lexicology 2.0 - Paul Carnazzo (SM2)

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Perfect for any time, walk around and close up mentalism! This is a complete Mind Reading routine that fits neatly in your wallet! Be ready to perform a complete routine with just one compact wallet card!

Lexicology appears to be an authentic “Telepathy Testing Card” from the National Institute of Parapsychology. The card contains 41 words (all different), one to four spectators think of a word on the card.

Both sides of the card are shown to contain all different words.

The mentalist asks the 1st spectator to form a mental image of their word. The 2nd spectator is asked to think of a different word that can be linked to his word.

The performer immediately reveals both spectators' thoughts!

The 3rd and 4th spectators are asked to concentrate on their words and the mentalist reveals these words in a very direct fashion!

The card can be used for one to four spectators at a time. If using one spectator, he/she can select multiple words, and the performer will correctly reveal the thought of words.

It’s like having a multi phase book test in your pocket!

Lexicology also contains two bonus effects on the card.

The following is true about LEXICOLOGY:

• All of the words on the card are different
• No progressive anagrams
• Nothing written down
• No dual reality
• The card is un-gimmicked
• Completely fair selection process

Includes the double-sided card and PDF instruction manual.

NEW, but opened.
NOTE: Actual card not shown to keep the secrets safe. :)

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