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It's Only A Dream - Richard Mark & Marc Salem (SM2)

It's Only A Dream - Richard Mark & Marc Salem (SM2)

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IT'S ONLY A DREAM... is a dream come true! Every-one dreams. Some remember their dreams, and many forget them. Some have nightmares and others nothing but pleasant dreams. IT'S ONLY A DREAM will help you entertain your audience with a new and exciting demonstration that captures their dream experiences.

Included is an easily carried tool that can be adaptable to many presentations including Zoom. It allows individuals to dream their choice of dream and appears to allow the performer to receive it via telepathy, to manipulate memory and to cause a dream to be forgotten and retrieved.
  • Nothing written
  • No electronics
  • Well designed and easy to handle large sized cards
  • Zoom alternatives and closeup or platform
  • No memory, math and no fishing
  • Demonstrate mind to mind communication
  • Many incredible variations with comic possibilities

You will delight in the hidden methods. You can present it to any audience and produce a profound mystery with the potential for humor or a pseudo-scientific demonstration.

NEW, 17 cards with instructions

NOTE from Don: This is 17 boards/cards, each with various dreams written on them.  First, you read the mind of one person.  Then, the second person views a dream and it vanishes as if it never existed.  These are printed on nice stock (7"x5"), and well made. They are marked in a subtle way (very easy to read), but the marks are not necessary for the routines, but they open up many possibilities.

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