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How to Produce Miracles - Ormond McGill (HC)

How to Produce Miracles - Ormond McGill (HC)

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"A Handbook of magic that goes beyond mere stage tricks to create supernatural effects"

Contents (courtesy of

7 A Personal Message from the Author
9 Introduction

13 Chapter 1 Becoming A Miracle Entertainer

16 Chapter 2 Miracle Effects in Mindreading
17 Thought Discernment
19 Psychological Mindreading
21 Telepathic Card Selection
24 Drawing Via Telepathy

28 Chapter 3 Miracle Effects in Hypnotism
29 Suggested Itchy Sensations
30 The Bug in the Ear
33 Making It Impossible For a Person to Rise From the Floor
34 Suggested Tast Sensations

40 Chapter 4 Miracle Effects in Mesmerism
40 Mesmerized Animals and Flowers
42 Visible Astral Radiations
44 The Human Aura
46 Distant Animal Magnetic Force

50 Chapter 5 Miracle Effects in Yogi Powers
50 Hindu Blood Control
52 Advanced Yogi Pulse Control
53 The Black Death
56 Hindu Abolition of Pain
59 Yogi Temperature Control

63 Chapter 6 Miracle Effects in Spiritism
64 Spirit Communications
67 Ectopasmic Lights
69 Automatic Spirit Slate Writing
72 The Table séance

77 Chapter 7 Miracle Effects in Occult Phenomena
77 The Brain Illusion
79 Eyes In the Dark
81 The Trap Mystery
83 Levitation
88 Levitation of a Person in a Chair

92 Chapter 8 The Miracle Pendulum
98 Theories on the Pendulum

104 Chapter 9 The Presentation of Miracle Effects

109 Index 109

USED, Hardcover, 118 pages

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