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Gold Mine of Magic - Glenn Gravatt

Gold Mine of Magic - Glenn Gravatt

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A wealth of material from Glenn Gravatt, written after 70 years in the business. All effects are new, practical, props easy to obtain, inexpensive, easy to do, and include full presentation.

Chapters include 13 Unique & Unusual Wonders, 8 Rings Strings & Other Things, 5 Unique Coin Mysteries, 7 Strange Coincidences, 14 ESP & Mental Effects, 7 Envelope Effects, 10 Ring Tricks, 12 Silk Effects, 9 Unique Card Mysteries, 9 More Card Miracles, 14 Effects with Steel Cards, 12 More Miscellaneous Effects Using Steel Cards, 12 Miscellaneous Marvels, and 13 Last Minute Additions.

Everything from close-up to mentalism to stage!

NEW, hardcover, 232 pages

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