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Funny Tricks with Clever Bits - John Breeds

Funny Tricks with Clever Bits - John Breeds

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In 2008 John Breeds released his first book on entertaining children with magic and fun: Howto Create Kids' Magic And Triple Your Income. Behind that intriguing title lay a blueprint forcommercial success in this field. Immediately upon its release it was widely hailed as a gamechanger,an important contribution to the literature on entertaining children, and it quickly soldout and went on to become judged a modern classic.

Now, 12 years later, John Breeds has observed how much things have changed in a decade;and he realised he had a lot more to say about the nuts and bolts of entertaining children withmagic, fun and games. So John has completely revisited and updated his book and added awealth of new material and advice. He has chosen to release it in the form of six separatebooklets, allowing the kids' performer to select which aspects of the craft to focus on, each atan affordable price. Taken together as a set they comprise a text book on the various aspectsthat go to make the successful professional children's entertainer in the 21st century.

Dotted throughout the text are tips and revelations earned from a lifetime of experience on thefront line entertaining children for a living: delighting real audiences and dealing with the pitfallswe all encounter on a daily basis. John Breeds clearly knows his stuff, and he's packed thisbook full of generous pieces of advice and workable material.

Gain an insight into one of the UK's great minds in the kids' magic business; workingperformers who know a good thing when they see it will snap this series of booklets up.Between them, these titles offer you vital inside information on everything you need to build abusiness as a professional entertainer of children through magic, fun and games: whether youare starting out on the road to kids' entertainment or are a busy pro who recognises thatdeveloping your act and performance should be a continuous process.

FUNNY TRICKS with CLEVER BITS includes the core routines, prop gags and effects from John's lifetime of entertaining children with laughter.

Starting with the most complete exploration of the classic 'Silver Sceptre' ever committed to print; another classic 'The Miser's Dream' gets a complete, refreshed overhaul.

One of John's standout comedy props when he was a noted dealer, 'Don't Ring That Bell' is here, simplified and explained in full, along with a different playlet 'All Aboard' that will generate mayhem onstage; in complete contrast there's the utterly charming 'I Wish, I Wish Competition'.

Also John's complete reworking of Kovari's 'Dimishing & Enlarging Gloves'; possibly John's favourite in the booklet is the simplest: his routine for 'T & R Tissue'; 'Kids Comic Cuts' is pure farce with a haircut!

Threaded throughout the material like a skein of gold is every inside track on making these routines REALLY come alive: making the props, handling, ideas, gags and kicker finishes galore.

NEW, large format paperback, 34 well illustrated pages


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