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Frank Ducrot Presents Magic From A2Z - Arthur LeRoy

Frank Ducrot Presents Magic From A2Z - Arthur LeRoy

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Clever book from the 1930's written in a humorous fashion and provides 26 articles, titled from A to Z. Uses a bit of uncomfortable and dated language here and there...


1 Introduction (Frank Ducrot)
2 Contents
3 Dedication
5 Author's Auditing: Introduction includes a great quote, and this from 1930, "Things in magic haven't been exactly encouraging of late, the market has become over-crowded with books and tricks of little value, expose has been bringing a new group of so-called magicians into our ranks, and all in all the public's interest seems to have waned."
6 Bill Breaking: in doing the bill breaks the pencil gag, the bill changes into 4 quarters
7 Coin Capers: a coin switch requiring the wearing of a jacket
7 Deck Development: a fan of cards is instantly produced (needs a jacket)
8 Eggs Eliminated: during a story, an egg vanishes and appears in a glass of orange juice (note: author uses words we would not use today in describing the waiter in the story)
10 Fantastic Finale: finally for dye-ing the silk - turns into a snake
10 Great Guns: a piece of tape is marked and shot with a gun through your assistant - the tape appears to go right through, and it contains the same mark!
11 Hollywood's Heroes: Selection is found by spelling the spectator's favorite actor's name
12 India Ink: selected card appears on a blank paper that was wrapped around the thumb
13 Jump Joyously: Using Hollywood's Heroes as a force
13 Kinda Keen: Selection vanishes from bag to appear sandwiched between two cards. It vanishes again and is found on assistant's back!
14 Laughing Legerdemain: a full comedy routine with patter, an egg bag, Kling Klang, and a vanishing bird cage
16 My! My!: a quick silk vanish (I.T.)
17 Novel Needles: a clever threaded needles from the mouth approach
18 Old Order: Dedication to Henry Welsh Miller, developer of the next effect
18 Prohibition? Please!: multiple glasses of liquor are produced and balanced impossibly on a stand, with a beer stein climax
20 Queer Queries: an unusual card prediction
21 Rather Ridiculous: a photo of a modest swimmer is shown. The performer then removes a silk coat and a silk bathing suit and shows the photo again - the swimmer has now dove into the water!
22 Silken Spell: The color of a chosen silk is spelled as they are removed from a bag one by one by a blindfolded spectator. On the final letter, the spelled color silk is the only one remaining
23 Tittle Tattle: an "essay" of sorts on theatre and magic
24 Unusual Universe: idea for an "explorer" act
24 Various Vagaries: explores the possiblities of the electric refrigerator/freezer (remember, this is 1930)
25 Wandering Water: Water vanishes and is found in a ballooon
26 Xylophone X-Ray: Spectator drinks one glass of ginger ale and refills it; magician determines which one was drank from and
26 Yogi Yama: magician produces any (well, not quite) smell called for
28 Zero Zeal: final thoughts

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