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Daredevil Deck - Henry Evans - Parlour Size (SM1)

Daredevil Deck - Henry Evans - Parlour Size (SM1)

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For years, the Daredevil Deck by Henry Evans and Card-Shark is one of our best selling decks, due to it's devilish marking system. Now, in Parlour size, this effect can even be played bigger than ever before.

The Daredevil Deck seems to be an innocent Parlour Deck, but it is marked in a devious way!

You will not believe it! It is THAT bold!

A marked deck that you can read blindfolded, with markings 350% bigger than the Parlour Marked Decks and and though seemingly unmarked for the audience!

Perfect for Parlour and Stage Performances. And for all magicians with bad eyesight, who cannot use a Marked Deck any longer.

The online instruction teaches Henry's Killer Routine, using the Daredevil Deck!

NEW, Deck & Online Instructions 

NOTE from Don: If you would like to utilize a marked deck but are afraid you won't be able to see the marks, FEAR NOT.  Look closely at the third photo and see how deviously HUGE the markings are.  Yet when I've shown the deck to lay people, they've never suspected, nor found, the marks.

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