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Crafted With Carey - John Carey

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More than 30 routines, most with cards but also ones including coins and credit cards from the creator of the famous Gilbreath Principle. And although the focus of the book is not on the Gilbreath Principle, there are several routines based on it along with a thorough explanation of the principle.

With a foreword by Max Maven, who states "Along the way, you will get some answers that help to define … (Norman’s) … mentioned eccentric pathways, for Norman is not merely interested in devising clever tricks (albeit, as just indicated, this collection has plenty of those). He wants to take his magic somewhere. As such, he puts considerable effort into analyzing how tricks can be structured into full routines, and routines combined to build full acts. And, in the pages that follow, he will share that thinking with you, as well."

Hardbound with 4-color dust jacket, 349 pages. Includes a CD containing flash program tricks and all the illustrations, in color, from the book.