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Classic Quintet - Richard Osterlind

Classic Quintet - Richard Osterlind

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Two classic books now combined into one completely revised and re-illustrated volume!

This wonderful new book contains five of Richard's earliest routines that originally appeared in two books that have long been out of print and have always been in great demand.

Back in the 1980's, Richard penned a number of effects he had been performing in his professional shows for years. The books immediately gained critical acclaim with Paul Daniels doing The Glass of Water Production on TV and in his live shows and Karrell Fox performing The Borrowed Ring in Balloon Dog to the delight of his audiences. The Linking Finger Rings has been a standard in Richard's shows for close to 50 years and The Marked Borrowed Coin in Bottle stunned everyone at Tannen's Jubilee at the time. No less than Harry Lorayne was amazed with The Miracle Flying Cards at that same show!

Richard has painstakingly gone over every word in these routines. The original publisher had added some notes which Richard did not write and which he was unaware of until the books were published. Richard carefully removed this extraneous material and only kept his own actual words. Additionally, as is customary with Richard, he has updated much of this material to reflect what items are available now and what he actually uses today.

Richard drew all his own illustrations when he originally submitted the material, but the publisher used professional artists at the time for the actual drawings in the books. We asked our friend and artist, Shaun Robison, to redo all the illustrations according to Richard's instructions. Many slight changes were made to clarify certain moves that were a bit confusing in the original books.

Finally, Jim Sisti put it all together in a single volume with his usual attention to detail and artistic sense and now all of these remarkable routines are in one place and available once again. This is not a reprint of older material, but an entirely new work.

Classic Quintet is not being released solely for historical sake but rather, it contains routines that you will actually use. There is nothing dated and every effect can be a feature in your show as they have been for Richard for 50-plus years!

NEW, perfect bound, 67 well-illustrated pages

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