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Christian Conjurer (Special Issue) - FCM

Christian Conjurer (Special Issue) - FCM

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Alright, this is a bit of self-promotion.  I, Don Bursell, owner of Don's Magic & Books, was featured on the cover of the Nov/Dec 1997 Christian Conjurer, the official publication of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians International.

Back then, I was performing about half of my shows as "Homer", the slapstick character shown on the front cover. I no longer perform Homer, except on rare occasions for clown conferences.  I am now more of a stand-up prop comic/magician, dressed in my regular performing attire. But look how much hair I had back then...

I have 13 copies of this, so if for some strange reason you would like your copy signed, just ask in the comments of your order.  It won't raise the value of the magazine, but you'll get some cool Sharpie marker scratch to stare at forever.

Thanks everyone for supporting Don's Magic & Books.  It is a real blessing to be doing this for my full-time living, as well as performing around the Midwest.

NOTE: All funds from the sale of this magazine will go to my local food shelf.

LIKE NEW, paperback, 34 pages "C"

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